Fiberwerks is Amy ranger

Making art for 30+ years

I am a member of the Woodland Weavers and Spinners Guild. My fiber studio is a tiny building that includes a Lendrum maple spinning wheel and a Daedalus Starling v3 e-spinner, small looms, and many reference books devoted to spinning, felting, and weaving.

I recently performed a breed study of rare sheep under the initiative of the Livestock Conservancy program called Shave’em to Save’em. I learned that the Gulf Coast, Hog Island, Santa Cruz, Horned Dorset and Jacob sheep provide wonderful fleece to spin. I also enjoyed working with Navajo Churro, Tunis, and Romeldale/CVM fiber.

My yarns and other fiber products are produced in a very cat-friendly but non-smoking home. I understand that allergies can be a serious problem for people; your health and safety are important to me. If I can wash the dander out of the product, I will. Please let me know.

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art yarn
hand spun yarn by Fiberwerks

purple wool on bobbins

yarn balls
yarn in balls; mixed colors

Dedication to Beauty

Fiberwerks specializes in making hand-spun yarn, felt, and weavings using hand-spun yarn as weft. Fiberwerks Metal Division creates objects of art for the home using copper metal, fire, rocks, and water. 


Personal touch

No two skeins are alike. Expect the unexpected with yarn and other fibers from Fiberwerks. You can be sure that each item has been made by hand. Prices reflect the time taken to create each item, and the quality of the wool, silk, or metal used. 

happy clients

My yarns are designed to delight my clients. I want to provide you with high-quality fibers that will enhance your creativity, enabling you to make the finest knitted, crocheted, or woven products.