Let Fiberwerks provide you with unique hand-spun yarn!

The yarn (and other fiber pieces) made at Fiberwerks is special: even skeins made from the same type of wool will be different. The Fiberwerks studio is not a production house where every product looks like previous products. I take great pleasure in creating hand-made items that are special: some yarns are traditional two-ply worsted, or three-ply (chain ply) bulky. There are super bulky (art style) yarns, and fine lace weight yarns. I source wool from a variety of vendors on Etsy and sheep farms around the country. Most of my yarns are natural colors: black, gray, brown, moorit, ecru, cream, white — just as the wool looks on the animal. Most, but not all, of my yarns are next-to-the-skin-soft, meaning the fibers are below 23 microns. That micron count — smaller is softer — is so important! Some yarns that have a micron count of more than 30 are better suited for long-wearing rugs, or for outerwear. I try to label everything I make, but sometimes it just says “wool,” “alpaca,” or “mix of fibers.” If you want special yarn for a project, let me know. I will do my best to delight you.



I began to explore the fiber world over 20 years ago, first by dyeing silk scarves using the French Serti technique. I took courses in making felt rugs, dolls, and wall hangings. I bought a Lendrum spinning wheel and wool roving on impulse at the Michigan 

Fiber Festival in 2001. Since then I have acquired a Daedalus Starling electric spinning wheel and several hand looms. I continue to take classes and workshops through the Woodland Weavers & Spinners Guild and the Kalamazoo Institute of Art. I love fiber!

Amy Ranger

What I Offer



Art yarn, fine yarn, worsted weight yarn, in a variety of colors and lengths. 


hand made felt


I have some felt in stock. More images of available items may be seen in my Etsy shop.



Weaving includes things made from hand-spun yarn as weft; also commercial yarns. 

Assistance & inspiration



My feline helper, American Shorthair GC MelodyGarden Veronica (“Vera”).

Fiberwerks Studio

Fiberwerks studio

This is where the magic happens and great things are created. Really.

Daedalus spinner

daedalus spinner


Highly recommended electric spinner for making the finest yarns.

Kim Ranger

kim ranger

The woman who makes all of this possible. My great benefactor.